Al-Mawrid Institute Canada

Ramadan 2020 Course for Youth

A video course by Dr. Khalid Zaheer conducted in Ramadan 2020, especially geared towards the youth who are living in western countries.

It was indeed an accident of birth that we were born Muslims. We could have been born into a completely different tradition. But now that we are Muslims by birth, should we regret it? This short course will plead the case for a response which is completely the otherwise: We should feel good about being Muslims. Why? Watch the course to know it.

Following topics are covered during 12 classes of the course:

  1. Our religion encourages us to use our intellect to know that it’s the truth from God.
  2. It presents a complete picture of why we are in this world and what are we supposed to be doing.
  3. The sources of information it is based on are completely authentic.
  4. The concept of God it presents is clear, understandable, and convincing.
  5. The understanding of the life hereafter it gives makes complete sense.
  6. It’s claim that prophets indeed came from God seems very logical.
  7. Its teachings are based completely on universal morality.
  8. The Shari’ah law it gives is based on universal morality.
  9. It urges its followers to present its message to others humbly and politely.
  10. It clarifies that all humans are equal and each one of them has the same chance of succeeding in the next life as anyone else.
  11. It strikes a balance between the rights of God and the rights of fellow humans. (Salat and Zakat)
  12. Its rituals of worship are meant to make believers better humans. (Saum and Hajj)

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