Al-Mawrid Institute Canada

The Dallas Lectures

During his U.S. tour in June 2015, Javed Ahmad Ghamidi conducted a series of lectures to explain the traditional religious interpretation of Islam, history of it’s evolution over the centuries, and how some misinterpretations provide grounds to support violent and extremist factions in Islam such as Taliban and ISIL.

While explaining his own point of view in the Counter Narrative part of these lectures, Mr. Ghamidi explains the correct narrative of Quran, which completely rejects the horrible violence as taken up by the extremists. Mr. Ghamidi provides comprehensive and undeniable arguments from Quan and sunnah to clarify misconceptions in the traditional narrative, and shares how Muslims shall move forward in such trying times.

NOTE: The first 43 minutes of audio is not very clear due to some technical issues at the time of recording.

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