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Community Roundup – eAwaz Television

During a recent visit to Canada, Dr. Shehzad Saleem met with Dr. Shabir Ally and appeared in 4 episodes of Community Roundup on eAwaz Television. Dr. Shabir Ally is the president of the Islamic Information and Dawah Centre International in Toronto where he functions as an Imam.

In these episodes, Dr. Saleem answers criticism on Javed Ahmed Ghamidi’s approach to Islam, as well as provides beautiful insight into how Muslims can coexist with people of other religions, marriage and divorce issues, as well as how to make the best out of child-parent relationships.

Part 1
Dr. Saleem answers questions and concerns about Javed Ahmed Ghamidi’s approach to Islam.

Part 2
Dr. Saleem explains what Islam has to say about how Muslims can coexist with people of other religions.

Part 3
Dr. Saleem answers questions related to marriage and divorce along with some beautiful advice on how to attain a blissful marriage.

Part 4
Dr. Saleem provides great insight into parenthood, as well as rights and responsibilities from either side of this relationship.

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