Al-Mawrid Institute Canada

They Speaketh the Truth

Learning is a timeless experience. It is also beyond the confines of space. We do not merely learn in the class room. Elders are not our only teachers. We also learn from our own mistakes. So many then are our teachers.

And, among them, is a category so dear to us: children and toddlers. In their innocence, they are bold and not afraid of anyone. They will say what is true even if it goes against their parents and loved ones. The beauty in their audacity is so captivating and so inspiring. Words are not minced, statements are not diplomatic, conversation does not smack of hypocrisy. The plain and simple truth comes out of their mouths like water from a fountain. It is music to the ears and pleasing to the eye. It carries a single potent message: they speaketh the truth without fear of any repercussion. What a powerful slogan!

This injunction of the Quran gives out a message to us that is quite loud and clear: a believer cannot be oblivious and negligent to his surroundings. He must always look around and see if there is anyone who needs him or her. The person right next or very close by might need attention. Reaching out to others must come naturally to us. We must not be selfish and self-centered. We should look beyond ourselves.

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